Thursday, March 23, 2006

Then there were four...

...and Stonehill is one of them by virtue of its 69-59 victory last night over Tarleton State. Helluva game, though the outcome ended up being a lot closer than it should have been. The good guys were up 16 at the half before the Texans (how original) clawed their way back into it late in the game. A few timely rebounds and a couple quick buckets by Lance Clark, however, and all was well in Stonehillville. Now it's on to the Final 4 and a matchup with #5 Winona State, slated for tonight at 8:30. And yes, Sean and I are once again heading back for all the action, as well as pre and post game debauchery.

Besides the game itself, the whole atmosphere was pretty electric, from the pregame alumni/staff reception to the four busloads of Stonehill students who made their way west all the way from Easton, to the tomahawk chops and chants of "Let's go Chieftains" that radiated from the stands. More of the same should be on tap this evening, starting with the unofficial pregame alumni gathering at JT's before heading over to MassMutual Center for all the action and (hopefully) followed by some more postgame fun back at JTs. Should the Skyhawks win again tonight, the championship will be Saturday afternoon at 1 on CBS. In case anyone's wondering, yes, McRun and I will be heading back for that one too, as well as the pregame school-sponsered alumni breakfast, complete with "toast, eggs, homefries....and of course beer and wine, because afterall this is a Stonehill gathering", as Vice President of Advancement, Fran Dillon, so appropriately put it. I knew there was a reason I took out all those loans.

In other news, well there isn't much else. Got back pretty late last night and I'm expecting more of the same tonight. I'm off to the pool in a bit for a little physical activity before running a few errands and heading back out to the Pioneer Valley. Sorry if none of this is exciting to those of you reading this, but it's got me all fired up while also serving as a pleasant diversion from not being able to run. Madness I tell ya.

And that's it for today. Take it easy.

Quote of the day (well last night):

Me and Sean: Fr. Genaro, what time does the pregame fun start tomorrow at JTs?

FG: What time can you guys get there?

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