Friday, March 31, 2006

The Great Awakening

It appears that all the hibernating runners have awaken from their winter slumber and found their way back out on to the roads. I may or may not have gone off about this annual phenomenon in an earlier entry - I'm not totally sure - but I'll refrain from doing so today. Actually, this near quadrupling of the local running population has a positive side to it, namely the reemergence of the masses of BC girls that make their way around the Chesnut Hill Reservoir in Brighton. The only reason this merits mention today is because I'm heading out that way in a little while for a short jaunt with my good pal Oscar. For obvious reasons, we're both looking forward to it. Welcome back spring.

Not much else that I can think to add right now. The Achilles is slowly improving, as is my running. Hopefully I'm finally over the hump and can continue to gradually build back into a normal routine. Hope everyone's weekend gets off to a good start. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Nothing says Japan like chafing dishes full of pasta and stacks of Coca-Cola in a room full of identical chairs and numbered tables.
-Max King, from his World XC journal

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