Thursday, March 16, 2006

Busted bracketology

That pretty much sums up my hoop-filled day and some piss-poor first-round picks on my part. Well, only two actually, so it wasn't all that bad. My big upset (Xavier) slipped away in overtime while the hometown heroes (BC) barely (and thankfully) managed to slip by Pacific in double-OT. My minor upset (UNC-Wilmington) never materialized, though Montana managed to make at least one of my underdog picks look somewhat intelligent. The rest of the day's games went down pretty much as expected, although Indiana caused me some undue anxiety with their last minute win. Such is life in mid-March, I guess. Overall though, a great first day of games.

Moving on, no running to report. Took the day off as planned and did a little workout in the pool, consisting of a 30 minute "run" and 250 meters worth of lap swimming. The Achilles looks and feels better, so hopefully tomorrow I can put together a respectable run.

A few random tidbits before I put an end tomy aimless banter:

- Stumbled upon this on Scott D's website. I don't know about the rest of you, but I got a rousing good laugh out of it.

- Backtracking for a quick second to yesterday's mini-training discussion, check out a few of the articles here from, particularly the piece on Deena Kastor's training by Joe Vigil. Some good stuff there.

And that's gonna do it. Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Quote of the day:

Volume runs, combined with a regular diet of AT runs, are the most important workouts for the development of the endurance component.
-Joe Vigil

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