Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Apologies (hopefully) accepted

One of these days I'll actually take the time to turn my brain back on and come up with something quasi-intelligent and/or insightful in one of these posts. Today, unfortunately, is not that day. I sincerely apologize to those of you still reading this blog on a somewhat regular basis that have been continually disappointed by the lack of substance that's been filling this space.

On that note, back to my same old boring format for now.

After another adjustment this morning with Dr. Sjogren, I went for an easy 42-minute run around Elm Park in Worcester. My Achilles was still pretty tight for a majority of the run, but doesn't seem any worse than the previous few days. I still can't go very long, or fast, but I figure something is better than nothing as long as I'm able to do it without too much pain. I supplemented this morning's run with 30 minutes in the pool this afternoon, which is about as long as I can stand to be in the presence of bouyant overweight women, wrinkly old men and kids who can't speak a word of English while partaking in an activity that ranks near the top of my "Things I don't consider very fun" list.

OK, enough negastism for now. Yes, I'm fully aware that negatism hardly counts as an actual word, but it's one of the great Dana Boardmanism's from my freshman year of college that has become an unfortunate part of my regular vocabulary. If anything, it has character in a perverted kind of way.

Annnnnnnnnyways...I went out to Brighton this evening and met up with Oscar and Carrie for a late dinner at their neighborhood Thai restaurant. The cuisine was quite good, the company even better. We tied up some loose ends for our Oregon trip next month, which has all the makings of a pretty eventful week. Can't wait!

Also can't wait for first annual WHTC Gimp Run, scheduled for 11:30 tomorrow morning at the dam, providing all parties involved actually make it there in one piece. The starting lineup includes Mario "Achin' Achilles" Fraioli, Adam "Sucky SI-Joint" Tenerowicz and Dan "Injured IT-Band" McKay. Mark "What isn't wrong with me" Driscoll will be there in banged-up spirit.

And last but not least, congrats to the first lady of West Hill, Katie G, on qualifying for the 3,000 meters at this weekend's NCAA Indoor Championships in Arkansas. At least our women's contingent is still in fine working order!

That's it for tonight. Take it easy all.

Quote of the day:

Running miles are like sex: when you first start out it seems all strange - you don't what the hell you're doing or even if your doing the right thing. But after a few weeks you're much better than you thought you would ever be. But you have to take the leap to see.
- post by Sol Richards on Letrun.com (edited for clarity)

Quotes of the night:

How can you make a movie called "The Constant Gardner without Mexicans? It's like making a movie called "Cracker" without white people.
-Carlos Mencia

Jay Leno: So you come from a big family?
Carlos Mencia: Yeah, there's 18 of us. My mom is like a uterus with a head.

I can never go to the Oscars again, they took my mugshot and entered it into their database.
- My old high school buddy, Mike Grimala, who got kicked out of the Oscars on Sunday night

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stephen said...

From the Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive record of the English language:

Negatism. =Negativism, noun definition 1.

First used in the English language in 1858: "Though this negatism is, in logical philosophy, a paradox, yet it is the modus operandi in which northern ideas mature" (U.S. Democratic Rev. Nov. 363).

Most recently cited in 2001: "He knew the game, but I coach minus the profanity and negatism" (Boston Globe (Nexis) 15, July 10).

You're in the clear!