Thursday, March 30, 2006

Split ting head ache

Please forgive my pathetic attempt at combining creativity and humor in the title of this entry. I'm blaming it on the splitting headache which has engulfed my cranium, causing everything housed therein to go out of whack, thus disturbing proper brain function. Hopefully I'll have the problem fixed by tomorrow.

But tomorrow hasn't happened yet, so I should forget about looking ahead at this point and focus on the here and now, which happens to have me seated in the layout chair at work at the present moment. The phones have been ringin' pretty consistently though, so the time's flyin' by tonight, which is certainly a good thing.

My head is also ringing pretty consistently, so I'm gonna cut this here entry short and call it a night. Until next time, take it easy out there in blogland.

Quote of the day:

I could probably work more than I do. Right now, it’s primarily an excuse for being at events and seeing them first-hand. I like doing a good job, and I like working with the others I see at the events, but over the course of a year I probably break even at best, with travel expenses eating up my paychecks. If I was determined, I could send out a few more query letters, do a few more interviews and non-event work, but I lack the motivation to do so.
- Parker Morse, on being a "track writer"

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