Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Unwelcome alliteration

So it's been about a week since I've last posted, or run for that matter, and the nagging niggle I've been battling in my right ankle has become more of a persistent pain and may be a bit more serious than the posterior tib tendonitis I originally suspected. I haven't been looked at by a medical professional yet or been handed any sort of official diagnosis but that will be coming within the next week or so -- hopefully sooner if I can pull the proper strings. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow morning and bang out 10 miles -- or any amount of miles for that matter -- without issue so it seems that some unplanned time off my feet is now the plan, whether I like it or not. And just for the record, no I don't like it.

Anyway, racing on July 4 is pretty much out the window, Beach to Beacon is looking less likely every day and a fall cross country season is about as much a reality at this point as the Yankees catching the Red Sox in the AL East -- meaning it probably won't happen but no one's ruling out the possibility just yet. So as we get closer to fall keep in mind that anything can still happen, which is reason to remain optimistic -- in my case anyway.

Quote of the day:

Soldier On.
- Wise advice from Hodgie-San

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nagging niggle

Seems like I'm battling a nagging bout of this at the moment. Right now it's at the annoying stage, kind of like that stupid ex-girlfriend you broke up with two years ago that just won't go away. The damn thing comes and goes without warning but when she decides to stick around the bitch just won't leave me the hell alone. Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. Not much I can do but treat and tolerate it as best I can. I'd slap the thing but it probably wouldn't do either of us much good.

Quote of the day:

It's more fun than work, and it's always good to be around normal people.
- Rod Koborsi on working at a running store

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ball Buster


Mottram made his victory even more memorable for US fans by declaring on NBC's live broadcast after the race that when the pace is on it comes down to the size of your balls.

Hey, the guy is blunt, bold and above all, ballsy. I like him.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rail Trail wacko

Funniest thing I've seen in a while: While sitting in my car post-run this morning at the West Boylston Rail Trail, this crazy character comes running by in a winter hat, long sleeve shirt, gloves, split shorts and high socks. Mind you, it was 65 degrees outside! As if this sight wasn't odd enough in and of itself, to top off this random scene of hilarity he runs past my car and I notice a few words strategically screened on the back of his cotton t-shirt: Runners Do It Everyday. I should also add that this odd-looking lad couldn't have been younger than 60 years old. To quote Marcus Aurelius LaRosa: "Haaaaalarious!"

Out of time, so that'll do it for today. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Listen to your body. Listen to what it's telling you. Don't be stupid.
- John Treacy

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Not much excitement to speak of, but a couple exciting new links to check out when you get the chance...

Nate Jenkins' training log:
Shad Miller's training log:

Need a lesson or two in bouncing back from adversity? Then let Nate and Shad show you how it's done. Good stuff guys.

And for the record, as menial as these last two entries have been they do make for four entries in the last five days. As far as I'm concerned, that has me batting .800 for the week. Don't call it a comeback.

Quote of the day:

If you're a writer who doesn't spark a few hot flames now and then, you're not saying much.
- J.D. Denton, a.k.a. "The Shoe Guy"

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Every second counts

Finishing up in 2:28:25 last weekend at the Vermont City Marathon. I should have worn the chip on my right shoe.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

And on the 7th day...

...I rode my bike -- 26.4 miles to be exact. Nice little backroads tour of Hudson, Stow, Berlin, Sudbury and Marlboro this morning with Ryan, Christy Mae and Dan. We burned up the blacktop at an average clip of 17 mph, prompting phone calls afterward from various pro teams looking to shore up their Tour de France rosters in a month's time. What can I say? Ectomorphic aerobic machines with good climbing skills are at a premium these days. Remember, we're much more than cyclists -- we're runners on bikes.

Quote of the day:

In running, you always have competitor out there. You always have the clock to beat and the clock always wins. So there is always something to strive for. With other sports it is easy to blame it on a bad game. A receiver can say that his quarterback didn’t throw him the ball. A quarterback can say that his receiver dropped a pass. You can’t do that with running. In running, it is all you.
- Matt Pelletier

Friday, June 01, 2007

26.2 debut and more

Due to the incessant urging of one M. Driscoll and his main squeeze K. Gwyther -- wait, too obvious -- let's call them Mark D. and Katie G, I've decided to provide the few of you who still check this thing with one of the sporadic updates this blog has become the posterchild for. Here's a quick rundown of things worth mentioning...

1. Still no answers as to what happened in regard to my race number down at Broad Street and still no word from the cowardly clown who let me know just a few days before that "in spite of myself I'm psyched and am running Broad Street for sure. I can grab your number as I am heading down on Friday night -- I'll be staying at (unnamed name's) place in (unnamed location) Sat I can head to Philly any time so I can get our #s and meet you at the hotel (which one is it?)....That's it from here. You've got my phone too so we'll just coordinate from there. What time do you get to the PHL airport? Does the hotel offer you a shuttle? If not I can zip by andget you." Good thing I didn't take him up on that last offer.

2. Given the unfortunate outcome of the scenario I just described above, I wisely decided to pick up my own number this past weekend at the Vermont City Marathon. A big thanks to everyone who helped me out and supported me on my way 2:28:25, 6th place finish in my debut at 26.2. I sure as hell didn't do this on my own. A big congrats to a lot of guys as well, including Matty Pelletier for his beastly performance, good pals Mark LaRosa, Ryan Carrara and Kevin Reino on tough, gutsy races, John LaRosa on setting a PR and my main man Bergie on a 2:48:42 debut that still has me fired up. I still haven't seen many pictures of the race, but I'll be sure to post some soon as they become available.

3. My days as a resident of Auburn are slowly winding down. Come February of '08 I'll be Mario Fraioli of Worcester, Mass., and I'll be the proud owner of a nifty new Narragansett-style house in the Arboretum Village. Right now said house is nothing more than a 4,399 square foot dirt lot called 5-R, but in nine months time it will house an enclosed structure with two bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths and a small yard with an address on Sophia Drive. Exciting times for sure. Stay tuned for mid-winter housewarming party details.

And that'll do it for this month's excitement. At this rate, my next update should fall sometime around July 4, or whenever Drisc and Gwyth get on my case again.

Quote of the day:

I always found a perverse "interest" during a marathon race in monitoring the shutdown of various parts of my body and thus the statement that someone "enjoyed" a marathon, bizarre. A good race may be an accomplishment but not in the same way as a good meal or good sex.
- Another priceless e-mail from Tom Derderian