Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More of the same

I think not running, or just not having been very active in general of late, is having a negative effect on my cognitive processes. That, or I'm just getting lazy due to the inactivity, which wouldn't surprise me either. Motivation to do just about anything is at an all-time low.

I haven't done much in the way of physical activity the last two days, minus shooting a little hoops with Brendan this afternoon - which hardly counts because I can't leave my feet or get on my toes. I also haven't done much in the way of writing either, for this blog or otherwise, because frankly I cjust can't sit down long enough to be productive. As of today, the first official day of spring, I've officially acquired Lazy Ass status. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I better not get used to it.

With that being said, I'm gonna go back to watching women's college basketball, preseason baseball and Iron Chef reruns on the Food Network. It's a sad state of affairs, I know. Hopefully tomorrow morning I can get my ass in the pool for a bit before heading out to Springfield in the afternoon with McRun for some Stonehill men's hoops action. Elite 8 baby!

And that's gonna do it. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Everything comes gradually and at it's appointed hour.
- Ovid

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ryan said...

I don't know if you should be more concerned about your Achilles/ankle or that you are watching Iron Chef reruns. The fact you know which show is and is not a rerun of iron chef is particularly disturbing. I thought there was only one episode that played every night due to lack of food worthy programming.