Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fine by me

Some good runnin' down at the New Bedfuuhd 1/2 Marathon today.

A few performances of note:

- Pat Moulton (1:06:25) and Ed Baker (1:08:34). Pretty damn impressive if you ask me. Less than a month after Austin and they're already back at it. Badass.

- Dianna Chivakos (1:21:47). Her debut at the distance and an outstanding one at that! Watch out for this efficient little bitch (inside joke) as she begins to move up in distance.

- Adam Fitzgerald (1:09:35). A well-deserved PR (I believe). If he didn't outkick me in the 5K at that last BU indoor meet, he might be further up on this list.

- Jim Emord (1:09:55). Disgruntled with it, as usual, but nothing to be pissed about. For not having raced in eons, I'd say it was a pretty good day.

I'm sure that I missed a few, but I'm running short on time and my cognitive abilities are waning with each passing minute. My day wasn't all that eventful, but was highlighted by a morning rendezvous with two fine folks from Quinnipiac, who were kind enough to swing by and grab brunch at the Coffee Mug on their way back to that super suburb of New Haven known as Hamden. Afterwards, I went to the pool for a 30 minute run and 500 meters of swimming, just to get some activity in for the day. No good news to report on the Achilles, just trying to let it heal with a goal of being back in good working order by April 1st.

Well, the UConn women just wrapped up their win over Coppin State, so I'm gonna throw the box score into the paper and put a smile on the faces of all the 12-year old Rebecca Lobo-wanabees strewn across Central Massachusetts tomorrow morning. Like they even care. But for the sake of our readership, I'll pretend that they do. After that, time to head home. Back at it manana. G'night all.

Quote of the day:

It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll.

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Adam Fitzgerald said...

hey, thanks for the mention. it was a PR, but it would have been an even better race if I hadn't struggled home the last 5k in 17:13. I was in 5th place at 8miles, running 5:03-5:05 pace and then the wheels came off and I ran 5:30+ pace the rest of the way in...oh well. Hope your achilles is getting better!