Saturday, March 25, 2006

Keeping the streak alive

Phew! Didn't think I'd get an entry in today, though this isn't much of one. Some good news, that being I ran 4 miles this morning relatively Scotch-free. Also spent the good part of my evening catching up with old friends all over the place, hence the reason for just sliding this entry in under self-appointed nightly deadline. And that's gonna have to do it for now. Unfortunately, the previous four lines will have to suffice for this sad entry. I gotta get my ass in gear sooner than later, but now's the time for some shuteye. No quote tonight, so I'll double up tomorrow. G'night all.

1 comment:

bridget said...

Hey Mario! I am glad that you are keeping your streak alive even if you are not running a ton right now. I love the basketball recaps, by the way (my dad has been a college coach for 30 years).