Saturday, April 29, 2006

Training Log (4/23-4/29)

SUN - AM: Solo 44-minute jaunt at Northwest Park in Portland while Oscar and Carrie took a hike, literally. Calling it 6 miles. Finished up with four strides of 20 sec. on/40 sec. off, which will be called Driscoll strides from here on out. If I do nothing else in life, I'm gonna make the kid a legend.

MON - AM: 6 miles, 43 minutes. Looped around Westmoreland Park in Portland a few times before catching a plane back East. Managed to avoid stepping in the goose poo.

TUES - AM: 4 miles from home in 27:55. Out the door only 40 minutes after waking up - now that's making progress. PM: 55 minutes at Bentley, starting off with Ryan & Co. on their warmup and finishing up solo, including a mile of strides on the track in 5:36.

WEDS - AM: 70 minutes at West Hill all by my lonesome. Easy does it.

THURS - AM: Out-n-back Rail Trail 10-spot from the Stone Church. Out nice & easy in 35:08, back in a relatively swift 29:22. Hit the last few miles on the way back in 5:48, 5:33, 5:21. Solid effort, comfortably hard I'd say.

FRI - AM: 57:45 from home. Legs don't like the roads, but otherwise they dealt just fine. PM: 29:20 on the dirt at Lake Park with 6 Driscoll strides mid-run. Legs seemingly in a much better mood. Nice, soft dirt will do that, I guess.

SAT - AM: 68 and change with Old Man Willy at the Rail Trail. Out in 7:10 and hitting 6:30's by Mile 3. The old bastard can still crank it.

WEEK TOTALS: 66 miles, 9 runs. Good week. Fitness is on its way back, albeit slowly. No rush though.

Quote of the day:

Everyone thinks he can be Brian Sell.
Mary Wittenberg, race director of the New York City Marathon

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