Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Training Log (4/16-4/22)

SUN – AM: Pakachoag 5 solo, 34:50; last mile in 6:05. NOTE: Last mile is equivalent to falling off a cliff. PM: 40:30 out-n-back on the Rail Trail to cap off an 11-mile day. Man, that sounds pathetic.

MON – Rockland 7 solo in 47:50. 35:07 through 5 and I thought I was flying. Guess I better think harder next time.

TUES – PM: 36:45 solo at WEST HILL. 5:56 for the 4th mile, dead-on nuts 8 flat for the last one. PM: 54:45 with Hodge in Clinton. Felt pretty good, as 7:30 pace should.

WEDS – AM: Fallon 6 solo from home, 42:45. 7:29/6:47 on the way out, 6:37/6:06 coming back. I remember when this used to be easy.

THURS – AM: 45 min easy with Oscar through suburban Portland, 6 miles tops. Emphasis on easy.

FRI – AM: 70 min solo on the wacky woodchips of Eugene, Oregon. Man, I forgot how much I hated running on that shit. Started out running 7:20s on the Rexius, finished up with a couple 6:45s on the Amazon. First double-digit run in a long while.

SAT – AM: 67:30 with Oscar and his CU buddies in Eugene, none of whom he was actually teammates with, but Ponce is something of a legend in their eyes. Annnnnnyways, the plan was for an easy 30-40 minutes, but as you might have guessed by now, neither of those things happened, Hey, it’s not every day I get a chance to go running with the Buffaloes. Good run, devoid of those damn woodchips.

WEEK TOTALS: 63 miles. Good week of training. Yes, training. I think I’ve finally got this Achilles thing licked. Knock on wood, anyways.

Quote of the day:

I might not know karate [slicks hair back], but I know karazy.
- Mark Wetmore (or more accurately, Oscar Ponce impersonating Mark Wetmore)

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