Saturday, April 08, 2006

Running Log (4/2-4/8)

SUN - PM: 400 total yards swimming in 4-2-4-2-4 lap intervals. Pool pass expires today, hopefully won't have a need to renew it. PM: 3-mile Gallowalk fartlek from home, no watch. Wasn't planning on running at all today, so went for a walk instead. Well, "walk" turned into a walk/jog, with about a 1:1 ratio of walking to jogging. I'm pathetic, I know.

- PM: 3 miles in 25 minutes on the dirt at Lake Park. Ran a few laps with Brendan and the rest on my own. Calves are still rocked but achilles didn't bother me - I'd say that's a pretty fair tradeoff for now. PM: 4 miles in 27:30 solo on my beloved Rail Trail to complete the Busch League double. Drove to the end of the trail and ran back and forth over the marked last mile [7:01, 6:49, 6:39, 7:01]. No problemos.

TUES - PM: 4 miles solo in 28 minutes on the other Rail Trail in Sterling. Same old story. PM: Drove in to Roxbury tonight for a killer track workout at Reggie. Just kidding. I did go to Reggie, but my workout consisted of warming up outside with Brad and Andrea and finishing with a few laps around the outside of thr track for a grand total of 4 miles in 30 minutes. Achilles tightened up on me a little bit. I can't say that I'm totally surprised by this.

WEDS - PM: Back to my safe haven, a.k.a. the Sterling Rail Trail. Same old out-n-back in 28 minutes. Achilles wasn't too bad, but made sure to back off today, which sounds pathetic considering the amount of running that I'm actually doing.

THURS - PM: Made my triumphant return to West Hill today. Hit up the main loop and added on the short extension for 36 minutes of running which I'm guessing is about 5 miles. Achilles didn't seem to give me any trouble, calves are finally loosening up but my hammys are strung like a guitar right now. First run in a long time on a course that's not totally flat. Let's hope everything is still functional tomorrow.

FRI - AM: Holy shit, I made it out the door before noon! Barely. Drove out to C-Town to give Ryan's old trails some lovin' since he bailed on them like a dead-beat dad when he moved out to Hudson a few weeks ago. Anywho, just did an out-n-back on the dike from CHS and finished up the last mile on the track in 6:42. 35:30 for 5 miles. Feelin' good in Ryan's old neighborhood!

SAT - AM: 45 minutes w/Hodge at the Sterling Rail Trail. Enjoyable run, best one in a while. Started off at Hodgie pace and pretty much kept it there. Everything seems to be in tact and functioning properly.

WEEK TOTALS: 38 miles, 8-1/2 runs. I don't think I've ever been so excited about a 38-mile week in my life. I'm not even kidding.

Quote of the day:
I forced myself to run normally. For about two minutes, I saw God, but then the pain went away.
- HRE, a.k.a. Rich Englehart, on running through injury

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