Sunday, April 16, 2006

Running Log (4/9-4/15)

SUN - AM: 53 minutes w/Hodge at my beloved Rail Trail. Nice and slow, last two in 7:36/7:28. Achilles started bitchin' at me a bit on the way back down the trail.

MON - PM: 36 minutes solo around Lake Park. 7:14 opening mile on the track, closed the last one in a brisk 6:28. Watch out.

TUES - AM: Holy shit, I got out before 11! 29:20 solo from mi casa, a smidge over 4 miles I'd say. PM: Swore to myself that I wouldn't go back to Lake Park again this week, but guess where I ended up? Yep. I'm a miserable failure. 28:30, 4 miles.

WEDS - AM: Same loop as last Saturday with Hodge, but 5 minutes faster. I was flying. 40 minutes, 6 miles.

THURS - AM: Pakachoag 5 solo from home, 35:20. Lungs and legs still catching up to one another. Lungs are slightly ahead right now. PM: Back to Lake Park, AGAIN! 23-minute, 3-mile shakeout on the dirt after a long afternoon working in the office. "Shakeout" sounds pretty ridiculous considering my longer run was all of 5 miles, but as KcoachB would say: "Mario, it is what it is."

FRI - PM: 9 miles in 62 minutes around Brighton with my favorite Mexican, Oscar Ponce. Ran a few laps around the BC Reservoir but with a lack of fine tail making its way around the Res on this breezy spring evening, we decided to head up and over Heartbreak Hill before finishing up with a couple more laps of the Res, where tail was still lacking. Solid run, but disappointed scenery. Can't win 'em all.

SAT - AM: Typical 6-mile Saturday loop in 43:30 with my typical Saturday running buddy, followed by a typical brunch at our typical hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Just a typical day, I guess.

WEEK TOTALS: 49 miles, 9 runs. Hopefully by next week I can call this a "training log".

Quote of the day:

Make sure every run has a purpose behind it. Remind yourself why you're doing what you're doing before you head out the door.
- Good advice from Brad Hurst

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