Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Feeling sappy

As I was making my blogging rounds earlier today, I came across a post by this free writin' fella which happened to catch my eye. I suggest giving it a read. It's surely better than any of the mindless malachi I come up with on a daily basis.

Now call me a sap, softee or something synonymous with the two, but the passion strewn about in the words of the aforementioned post was one of the most beautiful things I've come across of late. Admittedly, it left me both appreciative and envious at the same time. Appreciative, because I could identify with - and respect - the genuine sincerity of the author's words for the one special person in his life, but envious because it's been so long that I've had similar, passionate sentiments for another human being. In a selfishly twisted way, reading those beautiful words earlier today was as depressing an act as it was uplifting. But I'm OK with that, for now. An occasional emotional gut check is never a bad thing. Like any blow, it's painful at first, but over time eventually makes you stronger. Such is the reality of the human condition.

To both Kemibe and Khaulein: I don't know either of you outside of this fantasy blogland, but you've got a beautiful thing going. A sincere kudos.

It's about the passion.
- Pat McGee Band


Anonymous said...

you need to get some ass

kemibe said...

Mario, I appreciate the words of notice. We both thank you for being a real gentleman, and for your words. I try.