Saturday, April 01, 2006

Running Log (3/26-4/1)

Taking a page out of Ryan Carrara's book, or blog, I should say, I'm going to post my weekly running totals in one condensed entry at the end of said week. Unlike my Reebok Boston teammate, however, I'm going to only include my daily recaps of runs or workouts in this weekly update in an attempt to spruce up my regular daily entries a bit. Will it work? Probably not, but it's worth a shot. Here goes...

SUN - AM: 3 miles, 21 minutes solo through the Industrial Park. PM: 15 min pool run + 5 x 4 laps swimming. Got called out again for racing the old folks across the pool.
MON - PM: 35 minutes solo on the Sterling Rail Trail. Achilles holding up well; legs feel like they're coming off a 120-mile week.
TUES - AM: 30-minute pool run to stretch the legs. No real running to speak of.
WEDS - PM: 5 miles, 42 minutes on the dirt at Lake Park. 5 miles might be generous. Ran a mile with Brendan somewhere around 10 minutes or so. PM: 500 yards worth of swimming at the Y. Watch out Michael Phelps.
THURS - 36:45 solo back at Lake Park. First mile in 7:26, last one in 6:19. Felt like the last mile of a 10K. Lungs and legs have some major catching up to do.
FRI - AM: 30 minutes pool running. Lifeguard: "You don't look like you're enjoying yourself." Me: "Believe me, I'm not." PM: 43 minutes with Oscar in Brighton around the BC Res. Fine run, not to mention some fine tail making it's way around the Res.
SAT - AM: 36 min with Hodge on the Sterling Rail Trail. Right leg still wound up tighter than the inside of a clock. Planned day off tomorrow; gonna use my pool pass for (hopefully) the last time. My one month membership is up.
WEEK TOTALS: 29 miles, 6 runs. I've elevated myself back to "jogger" status. Nice.

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