Monday, April 03, 2006

Piling up

Another list - partly out of convenience, mostly due to laziness. Here goes.

1. The new-look Sox won on Opening Day for the first time in 5 years this afternoon. As a whole, the boys looked good, even if they're still introducing themselves to one another. Heck, they're on pace to go 162-0 right now, so who cares. Until Josh Beckett proves me wrong, Schilling is the early leader in the AL Cy Young voting, Big Papi is on his way to becoming the first DH to win an MVP award, Coco Crisp has already proven he's a better center fielder than Johnny Damon and there's even a small chance the Rocket could return to Beantown this season. This, of course, is all wishful thinking. One down, only 161 to go.

2. Agents suck. No, not secret agents, real estate agents, Agent Orange or even the movie Agent Red for that matter. I'm talking about agents in the form of professional athlete representation. Think Jerry Maguire. You'd assume that someone whose job revolves around dealing with people so his athlete doesn't have to would actually be good at it. Well, as my dad always says, "Never assume, it just makes an ass out of you and me." To cover my own ass then, I'm not going to drop any names but felt the need to get that off my chest. End rant.

3. Let's Go Florida. Or more specifcally, Billy Donovan. That's right, I'm cheering for the coach in hopes that his team can win him a national championship. With 15:30 left, the Gators are up 16, so it's looking good right now. To be honest, I don't give a shit what team wins the game - my bracket was busted by that green and gold bastard child named George Mason - but the basketball purest in me would like to see a young disciple of the Jim Valvano/Rick Pitino/Ralph Willard school of coaching lead his team to a crown.

4. Whoever came up with that whole "April showers bring may flowers" bit wasn't kidding. It's f*ckin' pouring outside.

5. Keeping consistent with the whole "penta" theme of this and yesterday's entry, I'm going to list the five best songs in the world right now, according to the daily runaround - the authority on nothing that really matters anyway.
- Crazy Bitch, Buck Cherry
- Boston, Augustana
- The Denial Twist, The White Stripes
- Wings of a Butterfly, H.I.M.
- E-Pro, Beck

Quote of the day:

"My heart is racing. I feel like Buckner walking back into Shea."
- Brendan, quoting Rounders, before stepping on the track to run this afternoon

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