Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kid in a candy store

That pretty much describes the four or so hours I spent this afternoon at the Crossroads Pub in Boston. Hodgie took me along for his annual pre-marathon gathering to meet some of his friends, in no particular order: Dan and Patti Dillon, Nobby Hashizume, Bill Squires, Brad Hurst, Brett Hawkins, Tommy Leonard, Tony Reavis and a fine bloke by the name of Steve Jones. He was pretty good back in his day from what I was told. In the four hours I spent in this little Beacon St. watering hole, I may have learned more about running from this crew over a couple pints of Magners than I could if the sport were taught as a major concentration in a classroom at Harvard. Maybe I'm just that much of a dork, but I had a blast.

Anyways, its kinda late and I don't have too much time for details right now, but I promise a more complete recap of this afternoon of delightful debauchery before the weekend lets out. Also, I think I'm gonna keep a running blog from the Marathon Media Room on Monday for anyone looking to see what goes on behind the scenes. If Amby Burfoot picks his nose, you'll know about it.

That's it for now. Take it easy.

Quote of the day:

Hodgie: I think I'll take a day off next week.
Me: From running?
Hodgie: No, from work. Are you kidding me? Frannie and Lilly are in Indiana for the week. I'm gonna run myself into the ground.


markd said...

Wow Mario, you must have been in heaven! Quite the crew. Can't wait to hear some stories.

Mike said...

Wow, that's it's cool to know other people experience a similar dorky sentiment toward running.

About the media room, I guess that's through your work, but you guys get live video feeds and constant updates, or what exactly will you be doing?