Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Worn-out on Wednesday

And I'm not sure why really, but I rolled out of bed this morning feeling like I got run over by a Mack truck. I was planning on running early before going up to Lawrence to visit my mom in the hospital (she's in for a few days trying out a new experimental procedure for her ailing back), but my sis called at around 9:45 and said she was making the trek up there around 10, so I opted to tag along with her instead. It turned out to be a fortuitous turn of events, and I was able to get in an easy 10-mile jaunt before heading into work at 5:30. Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel too bad once I got going and my legs seemed to bounce back fairly well from last night's workout, which was certainly a welcome sign. Speaking of said workout, Ryan, Justin and I did 10 x 300m w/90 seconds recovery, hitting all of them between 46-48 seconds. Everything went pretty smoothly and we were very consistent throughout - except when Ryan decided he wanted to chase down Jen Toomey and brought us through 200 in 30 flat...something about Ryan and HBG's, I guess. Ahh, he'll never learn.

And that does it for tonight. It was quite busy here at work so I wasn't able to ramble on as much as I would have liked. OK, time for me to head home and get some much needed sleep. G'night all.

Quote of the day:

I have no regrets. Of course, you're always thinking, 'I wish I would have done this, I wish I would have run a little faster.' That mentality is what keeps an elite athlete going anyway.
-Bob Kennedy

Well said.


Paul said...

How are speed workouts handled at Reggie? Do the other runners respect lanes 1 and 2 when they are not doing a rep, or are you constantly weaving through the flotsam? Then again, on a 200m track at the speeds you guys run even those who ARE running reps may be in your way!

Greg said...

I should probably know this, right?

Mario said...


I honestly can't put into words the insanity that takes place at Reggie on a Tuesday night, but I'll try. Typically, there are anywhere between 25-40 people on the track at the same time with everyone going at different speeds - from sprinters running sub-50 sec 400m pace to masters running 105 sec 400m pace and everything in between. It truly is a circus - and everyone tries to stay in lanes 1 & 2 which only compounds the problem. The biggest issue, however, is that there is no universal rule regarding stepping off the track when you're done with your interval. Some people go left, others go right. Lots of stop-n-go, pushing, shoving and the occasional elbow as you attempt to go by. Annoying, yes, but good race preparation!

Greg- To protect the identity of those involved, I'll have to explain "HBGs" to you offline. Haha.

Thanks for the feedback guys, take it easy.


Ryan said...

There are no HBG's

There is only HBG.
The can be only one.