Saturday, January 14, 2006

Saturday night's all right

For the time being at least. The validity of the above statement rests upon a couple of outstanding factors: specifically, the outcome of the Pats-Broncos game and the impending bad weather. Let's face it, either one of these two events go haywire and this evening will be far from "all right" for us New Englanders.

As of 9:03 EST, the Pats are tied at zero and there has yet to be any signs of snow reported in Central Massachusetts, so no wrong to speak of yet. As with all things pertinent to this region, however, that could all change at a moment's notice, so stay tuned.

Jumping around a bit, a few ardent supporters of this blog started their weekends off right at the Gotham Cup held at NYC's world-famous Armory. Mark Driscoll made his triumphant return to the track for Quinnipiac, opening up his season with an impressive 4:22 mile to take second in the unseeded heat behind Nova's Bobby Curtis. Call him fast, or just call him Mark, but whatever you do, don't call it a comeback!...the kid's been here for years! After a long layoff that included not one, but two navicular stress fractures and many months of limited activity, its good to see Milford's main man back on the starting line. Keep an eye out for this guy over the next few months, as his times keep dropping and flaming red hair keeps growing! On the women's side of things, one Katie G., or K. Gwyther if you prefer, dropped a good two minutes off her 5K PR, finishing second to Columbia's Caroline Bierbaum in a smokin' 16:18 to provisionally get her name on the NCAA list...not too shabby!

Speaking of shabby, the aforementioned Patriots are looking a little worn out with 10:35 left in the fourth quarter, as the Broncos are holding steady to an 11 point lead and Troy Brown just fumbled a punt return. On top of this most recent mishap, Brady threw an interception earlier in the game and Vinatieri shanked a routine field goal. Plus, Rod Smith just scored a four-yard touchdown to make it 23-6 bad guys. Not to be the bearer of a pessimistic attitude, but this isn't looking good at all. Speaking of not looking good, the weather outside is taking a turn for the worse, as the winds have picked up and temperature took a 20 degree nosedive in the last hour or so. All of a sudden, Saturday night around here went from looking all right to down right terrible. Such is life in New England, I guess.

Unfortunately, that's about all I got time for right now. Business is picking up here in the office as this game wraps up and I've gotta stay on my toes with deadline approaching. I'll have plenty to say tomorrow, so check back at some point if you catch the urge. 'Night all.

Quote of the day:
I’d rather see a guy out there having a goal and falling short than being conservative right from the beginning. I hate those type of guys. If you lose, at least go down fighting.
-John McDonnell

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