Saturday, January 07, 2006

Four-oh, forty

That would be the total number of laps I took around the deserted 200m oval at Reggie last night. Oddly enough, its the first time I've ever done five miles worth of intervals on a track, let alone an indoor one. I'm happy to report, however, that the workout itself went very well and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of the effort. Kevin had me trade off laps with Mark rather than chase down Justin and Ryan, which in retrospect worked out very well for all parties involved.

The workout itself was 2-mile/mile/2-mile with four minutes recovery between intervals; prescribed pace for Mark and I was 10:10/4:52/10:10. We traded the lead every few laps and our actual splits ended up being 10:06/4:50/10:01 - so a little quick, but consistent and in control throughout. Kevin said he's gonna keep the volume of the workouts up over the next two weeks or so before scaling things back a bit when the races roll around - makes sense to me.

On the way home I made a pit stop to refuel from the day's efforts at the unfortunately named - but astoundingly delicious - New York Pizza on the corner of Mass Ave. and Columbus. My advice: Go there, order two slices and a hunk of bread pudding - you'll be a better person because of it, trust me.

Continuing with my adventurous last 24 hours, this morning found me trekking out to Uxbridge for a nice 50 min recovery run with these clowns. Topics of conversation ranged from indoor track to Andy Barron's purple spandex and crawling babies. Weird. A-Ten started off with us before his fragile body decided to rebel against him, forcing the red-headed Pollack to call it an early day. The plan is to get the group of us together tomorrow for one last run before the two Tribesmen head back to VA for some warm-weather training and Driscoll leaves to fulfill his life's mission of becoming the next Larry Olson. I wish them all the best in their endeavors.

Moving on, the local football squadron has a big playoff game tonight, which is good for two things: 1. a little bit of excitement throughout New England and 2. a long night at work for yours truly. S'alright though, it should be a great game - hopefully the presence of a certain M. Driscoll in the third tier of Gillette, along with the forecasted cold weather, can petrify the pussycats from Jacksonville.

Aaaaaaaand, I'm spent. Time for a quick nap before bowing down to the proverbial man for 8 hours. Have a good weekend.

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