Monday, January 30, 2006

Mid-day musings

No long-winded intro today, just gonna cut to the chase and get a few things down while I have the chance:

- Ran for 52 minutes this morning, covering about eight miles or so. I was feeling pretty damn sluggish for the first five miles or so, but the last three didn't seem to be as bad. I'm heading into work tonight at 6 and plan on squeezing in a lil four-mile jaunt beforehand. With no race this week, I'm hoping to bring the mileage back up to around 90-95 or so as long as my body isn't feeling any more beat up than it has been lately. Trying to take things one day at a time right now. With that being said, the short-term plan is to get in a solid two weeks of training before racing a 5K at the BU Valentine meet on February 11th. 3.1 miles of good racing there will more than make up for the piss-poor 2.86 miles of combined ugliness the past two weekends.

- I've got a few little side projects I'm currently working on, including a feature on Katie for New England Runner and a interview with Jorge Torres. Neither of them will be released for another couple weeks, but keep an eye out for them nonetheless.

- Get your hands on this CD and give it a listen if you get a chance. Good stuff.

- Oh yeah, I might go to New York this Friday to catch Millrose with Hodge and friends. No, Millrose is not a Broadway play, but probably the closest thing to one in my little world. Just gotta find a way to squeeze my workout in and get my ass back to Worcester for work at 4:30 on Saturday. Stay tuned.

And that does it for now. More to come later, including today's Top-10 list, if I have the time. Right now, I'm gonna try and get in a quick nap before the ol' run-and-go-to-work routine. Later fools.

Quote of the day:

I was willing to be just a running bum for a couple of years. [Most guys now] think it's putting their life on hold. I hate that. How can they view that as sacrificing? They're living large.
-Hodge, from this article

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