Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ramblings from work

So it's an uncharacteristically busy Wednesday night here at the 'ol T&G sports desk, as most of last night's games were cancelled - and rescheduled to tonight - thanks to the seven-plus inches of snow that we "took on the chin" according to Channel 7 weatherman Pete Bouchard.

So what does this mean exactly? Well, good question. The most blunt answer I can give is that it consists of an influx of phone-calls from scatterbrained 15-year-old girls who some would even go so far to label "scorekeepers" - even though they don't take it very well when you try to tell them that five-plus-two does not indeed equal eight. Oh, the joy it brings me. But alas, I digress.

I had a quasi-productive afternoon, finally making my way to mall in Millbury and returning the last of my undesired Christmas gifts while picking up some new digs in the process. After the mob scene up there the other day, its a wonder I went back in the first place.

Also, I also made my near-daily trip to Barnes & Noble for a cup of tea and some free reading, where I was amused by this month's issue of Jogger's World and an article entitled "What's In" for 2006. Apparently, running on a daily basis is out and sticking to an every other day schedule is the new secret to success. Brilliant! Ironically enough, later in the same issue Scott Douglas authored a fine article promoting the need to run more mileage in order to maximize your potential and bring your times down over a variety of distances. Scott is an excellent writer - and a damn good runner to boot - so I recommend giving those few pages a read if you happen to be passing by a news stand on your lunch hour and have a few minutes to kill. Anyways, the content of this magazine as a whole is completely senseless - yet makes all the sense in the world at the same time - given their target audience of Gallo-walking, fuel-belt wearing, GU-carrying gear bitches. And to think people pay five bucks an issue for this garbage!?! Unbelievable!

And with all that being said, its now 11:50 p.m. and I'm through another night of work, albeit a hectic one. The few short paragraphs I was able to put together in this entry were spread out over the course of almost four hours, so that gives you an idea of the magnitude of wacky-ass calls we got in here tonight.

Until tomorrow, take it easy.


first lady of West Hill :) said...

Mario I think you should up your goal of posting once a day, to at least twice a day. This of course, is merely for my own amusement as I am going to be sitting here behind a desk at QU for the next 8 hours doing nothing! So for the sake of my sanity - post again! haha...have a good one and tell Hodge I say hello next time you run with him!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The more you post, the less bored I am at work. Keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Here is what I think of your ilk who use bookstores as their libraries: Looking at a book or magazine for more then a minute is shoplifting. Buy it or put it back.

Mario said...

Here's my way of looking at it: If management has a problem with me reading their books and magazines and then putting them back, they can very easily ask me to leave - and being the upstanding human being that I am, I'd readily oblige. However, nothing of the sort has ever fact, I have developed a good rapport with the staff at B & N - many of whom I am now familiar with on a first-name basis. Until it becomes made clear otherwise, I see nothing immoral - or illegal for that matter - with what I do.

pjm said...

Your gripes with RW are symptomatic of your age. (When I was your age, I had similar gripes, and I worked for them. Nothin' wrong with you...)

I ended up resolving it by (a) getting cynical about the magazine business, which may or may not be healthy, and (b) using my mental energy elsewhere.