Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday's a long day

In many respects too, for that matter. For me, it started off with a lengthy run this morning of an hour and 55 minutes with Jimmy down at the Rail Trail in Vernon, CT. We just managed to beat the early-afternoon rain and even though the trail itself was rather sloppy, it beat having to pound out 17 miles on the roads. Afterwards, we grabbed a quick brunch at the Diner off Route 84 before I made the trek home to rest a lil bit prior to heading into work at 6 for a long night of inaction in the sports world. Which brings me to where I am now, 11:26 p.m., tired and finally getting around to putting together today's entry.

Not much else of excitement to report, really, but I would like to throw out some congratulations to Nate and Casey on running smokin' half marathons today down in Austin. Nate ran about a three-minute PR to take ninth in 1:03:44 and Casey bettered his best time by about two minutes, I believe, finishing 12th in 1:04:41. Way to roll fellas!

An update from yesterday's track action. Ryan and Justin were successful in their Sprint Medley quest yesterday at the Boston Indoor Games, as Team Raytheon took first in the corporate relay and scored eight Pats' tickets in the process. Not a bad day's work.

Also, I've added some more links to the side of this page, including some training logs along with other website I enjoy perusing from time to time. Give 'em a look when you get a chance.

Lastly, for today at least, kudos to ESPN2 for doing an admirable job covering the BIG. Granted it was a slow Sunday afternoon on TV, but they devoted two hours of coverage to the meet, spotlighted the distance races nicely, and the commentary wasn't all that bad for once, or so it seemed that way at least.

And that does it for this entry. I'm still feeling pretty run-down so I'm gonna head home and sleep till whenever I feel like waking up tomorrow. Hope everyone out there had a good weekend. Take it easy.

Today's 10 Random Things About Me:
1. I'm wearing sandals right now and it's January. That's awesome.
2. I'm allergic to bactrim. I really don't even know what the shit is to be honest.
3. I had broccoli for the first time ever two night's ago. It did nothing for me.
4. I still hold the mile and 5,000 records at Stonehill, but only for another two weeks, if I'm lucky.
5. I have the same birthday as Joe Dumars. Helluva basketball player. (Joe, not me)
6. I'm blind as a bat without my glasses. Take my word for it.
7. I got an A- in dance class while in college. All credit goes to my most awesome partner - definitely would've failed if it weren't for her. Trust me.
8. I ran 11:22 for 2-miles while drunk as a freshman in college. I had to kick to pull out the win over Papile.
9. The name of the village in Italy my family comes from: Fraioli. How cool is that?
10. I ate three triple-cheesburgers, two large fries and drank two medium sodas in one sitting at McDonald's my sophomore year of high school. I can say with certainty that I'll never do that again.

Quote of the day:

Look at how strong he was able to finish the race. That's a fall full of distance running paying off right there.
- ESPN2's Larry Rawson announcing the finish of the men's 600 meter's at yesterday's BIG


Beth said...

1) Bactrim is an antibiotic.

2) I can't believe you made it 20+ years without eating broccoli! Taste wise you're not missing much but nutrient wise you've been missing out on quite a powerhouse veggie!

I've enjoyed reading about your training thus far - good luck with it!

Jay said...

Actually it was something like an 11:09 or something wasn't it? And you gotta mention it was 10 degrees out and we ran in undershirts, dress pants and ties. The story is just cooler with all the details.