Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Night Blogging League

8:20 AM - BSC - Bike, 40:00.
60-65% effort throughout.

2:55 PM - Westboro - 5 miles, 37:00.
4 x 20-second pickups.

It's Friday night, and let's face it, if you're reading my blog right now you most definitely need to find something better to do, like joining a bowling league or cruising the strip with your homies. While the daily runaround prides itself on providing instant entertainment, the beauty of the internet is that it's not going anywhere anytime soon, so you can always save your surfing for a slow Sunday night or a dreadful day at work when the TPS reports are sending you into a tailspin.

Plus, I'm neither excited, nor motivated, to write about an easy effort on the bike or a short, slow stroll around town, so there's not much worth reading regarding today's training, anyway. Your local news or old reruns of TGIF will be much more entertaining, trust me. I've got an early workout on tap for tomorrow morning with this guy and possibly this guy, so I'm gonna put the kibosh on this entry, get a good meal in me, put my legs up for a bit and hit the hay at an early enough hour so that I'm feeling fresh when I roll out of bed manana. Take it easy.

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