Thursday, January 22, 2009

Three's Company

10:10 AM - Westboro - 8 miles, 1:02:00.
6 x 20-second strides afterward.

Easy run from the store this morning with Todd Swenson from Saucony and this old fart from Clinton. The pace was pedestrian but the conversation was comical and the time passed by rather quickly. I was happy to get in my second stride session of the week afterward but I'll be honest and admit that my turnover is pretty terrible at this point in time. I actually commented to Todd that I have a hard time believing I ever broke 4:10 for the mile. Running fast, regardless of the distance, just feels so foreign to me right now. With a little bit of time, a lot of patience and a solid stretch of injury-free consistency, however, that feeling will once again be a familiar one. I really do believe that.

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k.gwyth said...

I hear ya on that one.