Sunday, January 18, 2009

No race for you!

9:00 AM - Raynham - 10 miles, 1:11:30.

So what's a guy to do when he shows up to a race and is told the event is canceled? Run the course anyway, albeit at a much lesser effort than he otherwise would have had a gun been involved.

That pretty much sums up a miserable morning of driving down to Raynham, but after an hour and 40 minutes in the car I was going for a run whether the cops condoned it or not. Old rival Andy McCarron shared similar sentiments and didn't hesitate to throw on his Yak Traks to join me for a snowy stroll on the 15K course. With the money off the table, we chose to cruise around at a comfortable clip and called it a day at 10 miles.

I spent the rest of the day brunching in Berkley with the Kinneys, their kid and special musical guests Los Reinos. Many laughs were had, much coffee was consumed and an enormous amount of eggs were eaten. Fun times with friends, minus getting my butt beaten badly in Wii bowling. Gotta work on my hook!

Dani-girl helping her Uncle Mamo improve his core routine.

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mconley342 said...

Hi Mario: I was pissed once we got to the school and we were told that the race was cancelled. There were 7 of us from our club and we decided to run the course. We met this man name Paul and this this woman name Mary from the Framingham club and he invited us to come along with them. He told us let's follow Mario and his buddy's foot steps. So we did. We were following your foot steps but once we got to the 7 mile, we could not seen anymore foot prints. The snow had buried your prints. But luckly this Paul (nice guy) had directions of the course. It was nice knowing that there were others running the course.