Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

8:10 AM - Westboro - 9 miles, 1:00:00.
20:40 warmup, 10:39 cooldown.
Tempo Run: (28:41 - 5:42.63, 5:46.89, 5:46.42, 5:44.50, 5:41.21)
Note: 5.3 miles on 1.07-mile loop

9:30 AM - Hudson - 13 miles, 1:35:00.

1:50 PM - BSC - Bike, 40:00.
5 x 2:00 @ 80-85% effort w/2:00 recovery.

I'm currently tied up trying to tie up loose ends on an article I'm authoring for another online outlet, so this will be brief. It was a fantastic weekend of training with a solid tempo run yesterday and my longest long run of the year thus far this morning. I'm very happy with the direction in which things are heading right now. Now I just need to find some races to start working my schedule around.

Speaking of races, the weekend was full of fast ones, many of them run by close friends, teammates and local rivals. Best bud Sean McKeon ripped 2+ minutes off his half marathon PR today, clocking in at 1:11:29 at the Carlsbad Half Marathon this morning. Fellow transplanted Californian and former Chieftain, "Beverly Hills" Matt Mills went the full distance, PR'ing in 3:23:16. Congrats to them both!

Current NB Boston teammates didn't disappoint, either, tearing shit up at the Terrier Classic, with Jenn Donovan stealing the show and qualifying for US Indoor Nationals with a smokin' fast 3K of 9:26 and some change. Sergeant Justin Lutz pulled a full four seconds off his 3K best, crossing the line in 8:12 to lead the charge on the men's side. Last but not least, the men's 5K was full of fast times and phenomenal performances, with the two lads from Lowell, Nate Jenkins and Ruben Sanca, pushing the magical 14-minute mark and BAA badass Terry Shea turning in the race of the weekend with a 20-something second PR of 14:31. Good shit, kids.

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