Wednesday, January 14, 2009


8:20 AM - BSC - Bike, 35:00.

Steady 65-70% effort throughout.

7:30 PM - RLTAC - 10 miles.
21:30 warmup, 34:30 cooldown.
Track Workout: 800-400-800-800-800-400. 800's @ 5K pace, 400's @ 3K pace.
2:26.74 (3:04 recovery), 70.59 (3:07), 2:25.82 (3:11), 2:23.37 (1:50), 2:27.12 (3:07), 69.95

7:55 AM - BSC - Bike, 1:00:00.
Steady 70% effort throughout.
Full stretch afterward.

First indoor track workout in two years last night and you better believe that I managed to f*ck it up. Royally, in fact. A bulk of the distance guys were doing sets of 1000's and 600's at 5K and 3K race pace, respectively. The mission assigned to me by our fearless leader was to piggyback off the group and do 3 sets of 800 @ 5K pace/400 @ 3K pace with ~3:00 recovery between everything. In short, the mission failed.

Apparently, my unfamiliarity with the old 200-meter oval had an effect on my once innate ability to count laps. I messed up on my second 400 and inexplicably ran an 800 instead, thus accounting for the shortened recovery before starting the final set of intervals. Talk about a brain fart. That said, more than 24 hours later I still have no good explanation for why the hell I was running my 800's in the range of 2:25 and my 400's in 70 when I should have been NO FASTER than 2:30 and 73.

Note to self: You are not in 15:00/8:40 shape right now. Not even close.

Inability to count laps and failure to hit proper paces aside, it was great to be back with the group last night. The energy at Reggie was electric! I was beyond thrilled to once again be a part of it all and I look forward to rejoining this weekly ritual on a regular basis throughout the rest of the winter and beyond.

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