Monday, January 05, 2009

Ice, ice baby

7:45 AM - Auburn - 6 miles, 46:30.

3:05 PM - BSC - Bike, 35:00.
65-70% recovery effort throughout.
Full stretch, core routine, pushups & dips afterward.

The name of the game today was recovery, both from yesterday's jacked up day of training and this morning's root canal. To be totally honest, the root canal didn't take very much out of me, or otherwise leave me feeling as f'd up as a lot of people told me it would. In the end, it more or less amounted to a glorified filling. I had a fat lip for a few hours but nothing that left me even the least bit uncomfortable or immobilized for the rest of the day. Look, I'm a distance runner. I deal in discomfort. The last 10 miles of Boston was much more excruciating. I was popping ibuprofen within an hour of crossing the finish line. As of this posting, 10 hours later, the only anti-inflammatory I've ingested thus far has been ice water. Not sure what all the hype was about!

Speaking of ice, there was plenty of it this morning for my skating session around town. It appears that we got hit with a bit of rain during the wee hours of the morning, which in turn froze itself solid by the time the sun came up and turned the roads into a rink. Never fun. I couldn't find my skates, but the Mizuno Inspires I've been putting some miles on of late did the job just fine. Some strides were in order after the run, but it didn't strike me as the safest approach given the conditions. I'll put those off until tomorrow, road conditions permitting.

Last thing I want to mention in this entry is a bit of great news I received from my buddy Jarrin this afternoon. None of what I'm about to share has any direct effect on any of you, or even myself for that matter, but when news is this good, I can't not give it mention.

First, a little background. Who the hell is Jarrin? Also known as Rob, Jarrin is best friends with my boss, Rich Allen. I met Rob on one of his semi-annual visits to New England a couple years back, and since then we've become close friends and communicate on a regular basis. In fact, when Rob treks up this way from DC, he saves on a hotel and crashes at the 4-0 in what will be renamed the Robert Jarrin Room.

Now to the aforementioned great news. Rob's mom, Rosa, has been in remission from Stage III-C ovarian cancer for almost two years now. Recently, her numbers have not looked good and there was concern that the dreaded disease was returning to her body. Today was a big day, a culmination of tests and much anxiety that have been building over the past couple weeks. Thankfully, as of 4'oclock this afternoon, all bloodwork came back normal, the numbers looked good and Rosa is still in remission and cancer-free. This is most wonderful news for a most wonderful woman.

Jess, Meg, Grandma Pat, Rosa, Uncle Rob & Uncle Mamo, 10.25.08

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JARRIN said...

Mario -

Feel better and keep icing. And thank you, very much, from my mom and I for thinking of us.

Cancer is a monster which leaves everyone destroyed in its wake - the victim, loved ones and friends. My mom has been tough as nails from the moment it was discovered but also extremely fortunate.

The numbers are not in her favor. There's approximately a 75% chance the cancer will return prior to the golden five year mark after remission (if you make it to five years the numbers flip on chances it will return - 75% chance it won't).

For now, she's still in remission and healthy. I hope she stays that way but we have no guarantees. So everyday she remains cancer free is truly special.

Thanks again for thinking of us,