Friday, January 16, 2009

Room for growth

8:20 AM - BSC - 6 miles, 41:00.
5 sets of drills in the gym afterward.

Apparently, I need to grow a new pair of balls. It seems my existing set is still frozen from yesterday or something.

Upon rolling out of bed this morning, I fired up the laptop, hopped on to and didn't hesitate to throw a pair of split shorts and a t-shirt in my gym bag when I saw the current temperature for Worcester, Massachusetts reading -2, feels like -10. Jumped in my car, stopped at McD's for a coffee and proceeded to the gym, where I danced the belt of death rumba for 41 minutes with a with a fancily unfanned Precor treadmill. The time flew by, and since I was just putting in easy mileage I didn't feel so bad about staying indoors.

Until I got to work. Come to find out my step-in momma Sherry, a chronic asthmatic, ran outside for almost an hour this morning. Then this gal came in later in the afternoon and let me know that this guy ran 85 minutes today. Outdoors, NOT on a treadmill. And to top it off, during my nightly conversation with my brother-like bossman, I learned that his hands actually started to sweat on his run today despite the temperatures reading well below zero when he headed out the door.

Well, my hands didn't sweat from running outside this morning. They very well may have in my Paradox mittens, but I didn't give them that chance. I left those, along with my balls, in the locker room and ran inside on the trendy treadmill instead. And now I feel absolutely terrible about it.

No, not really, but thought I might as well drum up some drama and keep things interesting around here. Bottom line: stay warm, wherever it is you choose to run. And if that just so happens to be outdoors, I have two words for you: wind boxers.

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That Runner Chick said...

Think positive: at least you got your workout done! I slacked and ate pizza instead.