Monday, January 12, 2009

Ghost Ridin'

8:45 AM - BSC - Bike, 30:00.
Steady 70% effort throughout.

4:35 PM - Auburn - 7 miles, 52:30.

Manic Monday? Yeah, it was something like that. Hopped on the bike for a short spin this morning and followed that up with a quick stretch before heading off to Hopkinton to see Glenn for a long-overdue massage. I shot back down Rt. 135 afterward and popped into the store for what was supposed to be a quick visit and ended up staying for well over an hour. Funny how that works, especially when free shoes are involved. Then it was off to Roxbury to renew my membership at Reggie, which would have been much easier to do before tomorrow night's track workout, except for the fact the membership office is only open on odd days of the week, and at odd hours to boot. The important thing is that it's done, and all four tires are still on my car, so I'm chalking it up as a successful trip into the city. I celebrated with a quick pit stop at the NB outlet for some schwag on the way back and still managed to beat traffic through the tolls, arriving home just in time to hit the roads at a decent hour. The plan was to take my brandy new pair of Brooks Ghosts out for an easy 50 minutes and some strides, but a downhill digger in the dark left me thinking that strides probably weren't in my best interest this evening. I popped in to see my Pops post-run, beelined it over to the East Side to visit my Nana before she called it a night and now find myself finally back at home, still not showered, but filling in the faithful followers of this blog on the dull details of my mundane Monday. I've really gotta find something better to do. This looks like a good place to start.

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22windows said...

Are you officially taking up the Hundred Push Up Challenge?! Can I hold you to it?

This ain't no "daily" runaround, where posting every other day counts as "daily". 98 push ups won't cut it here, pal.

Was that enough taunting?