Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Wednesday

7:40 AM - 8 miles, 57:40 - RockPak 8.
Easy run on the roads before work. Legs felt fine but the rest of the 'ol body is a bit on the tired side.

Good news: Dr. Davis was able to successfully appeal on my behalf and my MRI is now scheduled for 8:45 on Friday morning. Hopefully this marks the end of any insurance-related funny business in regard to this medical matter.

Bad news: None, really. Life is good.

And a World Series title would make it that much better. Let the string of sleep-deprived nights begin.

Go Sox!

Quote of the Day

"I would prefer to be 25 with fresh legs."
Khalid Khannouchi. Me too, Khalid, me too.

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Pat said...

Hey Mario,

We met briefly before VCM this past May (great race, by the way!). I came across your blog a few months ago, and while I've been too lazy to write in until now, I have enjoyed following it regularly. I especially like your high quality quotes of the day.

Anyways, I started putting my log online in June ( My latest entry was unusually verbose...for the most part my posts are much skimpier than yours. You've got real dedication.

Anyways, while I unfortunately don't know nearly enough medicine yet to be of much help myself, I wish you the best in getting your latest medical matters fully resolved. And, of course, good luck at Mayor's Cup. Perhaps I will see you there.

-Pat Ward