Sunday, October 14, 2007

Run of the Mill

8:30 AM - 18 miles - Bay State 1/2 Marathon.
15 minutes up, strides, Bay State 1/2 Marathon (5th - 1:09:48), 22 minutes down with Jeff and Paul Ryan.

5th place and a 5-second PR for 13.1 miles this morning in the scenic Mill City better known as Lowell, Massachusetts. I was pretty pumped with the end result until I got home and read that Deena spun a 1:09:38 in Udine at the IAAF World Road Running Champions. Bitch.

I'm kidding, of course.

I have plenty more to write about the race and will do so sometime later this week, but for now I've gotta get my tired ass to bed. A quick congrats to Casey on the impressive win today, Keith on a sly second-place showing, Paul on a great debut, Matt Pimental on a solid run in fourth and Kerry on a kickass second-place finish in the women's race. And a BIG thanks to Kevin and Jeff for keeping me going out there when the going itself was getting tough. Much appreciated.

And for all the number dorks out there, here are those mundane mile splits for you to salivate over. Enjoy.

1. 5:12
2. 5:15
3. 5:27
4. 5:17
5. 5:15 (26:26)
6. 5:14
7. 5:20
8. 5:26
9. 5:34
10. 5:32 (53:32)
11. 5:18
12. 5:12
13.1. 5:46 (1:09:48)

Quote of the Day

"Ryan, I know she has pneumonia but go upstairs and pound your wife."
- Uncle Fire to Ryan after the Patriots' first touchdown this afternoon. And for the record, he's referring to a fist pound. No, one of these, you sick bastards.


S. M. Miller said...

Very well done!

K.Gwyth said...

wooo! = good job, keep it up!

Casey Moulton said...

Nice job running a PR. Great way to kick off the cross season. I hear you on the shoes. Bust some good ones at Franklyn.

Kerry said...

I see my splits weren't the only ones to go all to shit on miles 9 and 10; must have been the wind.

I still can't fathom how one runs as fast as you do.

Thanks for the lunch/chat. I just registered for Manchester...26.2

this should be just buckets of fun.

Anonymous said...

Awesome run! Enjoying the blog. It's motivating!