Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chef's special

8:20 AM - 14 miles, 1:36:05 - Rail Trail.
Out-n-back 10 over the hills with Greg, then 4 miles solo on the trail with the last one in 5:20.

Abbreviated long run this morning with fellow chef Greg Ward, who is also dealing with a persistent disturbance in his kitchen. Aside from sharing in each others pelvic misery, we spotted a Bald Eagle about a quarter mile into the run and proceeded to dodge joggers, walkers and other fitness wannabees on our way to conquering the Manning Street mini mountain. After summiting, we tackled a tricky set of switchbacks before doubling back and playing the dodging game again on the main trail. After parting ways, I tacked on another 4 miles while Greg blasted out 50 of his own on the bike. Even if I didn't have to be at work for noon, I wanted no part of tearing up the roads on two wheels with Mr. Ward. Chasing around a guy who can average 20 mph on a hybrid just isn't my idea of fun on a Sunday morning.

Enough about my own running. I had plans to post a weekend race recap but Jeff has already put anything I would have come up with to shame. Close finishes, breakout performances and hot temps were the themes of the day. Props to best bud and former high school rival turned college teammate and eventual roommate, Sean McKeon, on a nice 2:41:32 debut for 26.2 on a sweltering day in Minnesota. And best of luck to the ladies of NB Boston tomorrow as they try to defend their team title at the Tufts 10K.

On the non-running side of things, the Patriots looked good again today in Foxboro, well, they sounded good on the radio at least as they romped over the Browns to push their record to 5-0. That win, combined with the Sox slamming of the Angels to secure a spot in the ALCS made for an excellent day in the Boston sports world. Heck, even the Celtics and the Bruins won yesterday. Anyone know how the Revs are doing?

That'll do it for today, gotta get back to watching the rest of the Yankees game.

Man, I can't believe I just typed that - new low.

Quote of the Day

"In my delirious state I forgot to stop and went right by the stupid thing."
- The aforementioned Mr. McKeon on his apparent desire to take advantage of the aid tent in the latter stages of his first marathon.

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Patrik Engström said...


My coach just sent me a link to your blog. He said that we have similar blogs and personal bests. I have been running for almost 4 years and is situated in Sweden. You seem to have been focusing more on shorter distances, perhaps mostly on tracks. I like it most outside the tracks but have been trying to do a few track races. Watch my blog for personal bests and some pictures.

Good luck with your training. I will be sure to follow your blog!