Monday, October 01, 2007

Final edit

6:30 PM - 9 miles, 1:06:30 - Easton Y.
Some unbelievably good timing and a pure stroke of shit luck allowed me the always welcome company of Easton's newest post-collegiate, Tim Catoggio, for the entire duration of this run. After a quick stroll through the Sheep Pasture we picked up Bergie for the final 30 minutes before joining the rest of the fellas for pizza and wings at Brockton's finest bar, Owen O'Leary's.

The theme of random run-ins over the past few weeks continued this evening as I crossed paths with Tim-may Bellagio back in the Motherland. Salvaging what little daylight was left, we made our way through the Sheep Pasture and added on a short loop through campus before picking up Bergie around the 30-minute mark back at the Y. 36 minutes and a serious lack of sunlight later, we finished up and booked it over to Owen's, where we were men without a table despite the fact we showed up almost 45 minutes before kickoff. I can guarantee we won't run into problem again for at least another year.

As for the run itself, no real disturbances to speak of in the kitchen area except when I laugh or sneeze. Unfortunately for me, Timmy made a funny mid-run and my laughter didn't last very long. The joke was good, but the consequences were cruel. Such is life I guess.
Quote of the Day

"The only way to accomplish anything is outside the system"
- Keith Hanson, speaking the truth.

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