Monday, October 08, 2007


7:50 AM - 7 miles, 50:25 - AHS Track.
22:30 down to the high school, 4 x 200m strides w/200 jog recovery in 34.62, 33.90, 34.35, 33.18, 22:22 back home.

It's official, the daily runaround has gone global.

A fella by the name of Patrik from Sweden commented on yesterday's entry, the first such missive, I believe, from a foreign reader. I'm continually surprised that this blog has an audience, much less an international one, but it's cool to know people are stopping by on a regular basis, regardless of how boring, whiny, redundant and rushed some of my scribble tends to be.

So let me offer a quick thanks to those of you who check in regularly, read carefully and comment occasionally. Your feedback is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. For the lurkers out there, and I know who some of you are, if I don't inspire, entertain or infuriate you enough to let me know about it, that's cool too. Since you keep coming back, I guess I'll let it slide.

In the meantime, however, I'm gonna slide my ass into my bed and get some shuteye. I've got an appointment here tomorrow morning with James, who can hopefully help clean up the mess in my kitchen.

Last but certainly not least though, a quick congrats to the lightning-fast ladies of NB Boston, second to Hanson's-Brooks squad at the Tufts 10K earlier today. PR's all-around!

That'll do it for tonight. Hasta mañana, hombres.

Quote of the Day

“You just try to survive. (You) keep pushing. When you have stretches where you feel good, you try to take advantage of those. When you get into a tough stretch, you need to be positive.”
- Mike Cox, 8th place at yesterday's Chicago Marathon and the last qualifier for next month's Olympic Trials in an article by the hilariously named Tom Bone, who can be reached via e-mail at No joke.


Patrik Engström said...

Hi! Thanks for your nice comments on the blogs. Well, I understand that it is difficult to read swedish for you.

But, the nice thing with running is that the personal best times can be understood all around the globe! Here in Europe we only focus on the metric system so all your race times per miles I'm having hard times converting but I'm learning! :)

Tomorrow a 10000m race and then on Sunday a 10km race. Then I'll train hard for almost a mounth and then I go to Italy to race a half marathon. Hopefully I will be able to do 67.5x on that race.

Jacob Heath Phillips said...


I can honestly say that I read this thing every morning (along w/ and Flocasts!) w/ breakfast.

You can check out my college guys/gals at the Dallas Baptist University coverage on Flocasts.

Keep up the work.


Casey Moulton said...

Have a good workout tonight, won't be there. See you Sunday at Baystate.

Jeff Caron said...

Always a fan! I know I don't comment that often but I read it everyday and I'll have you know that the daily runaround, along with jess' trial of miles, were the inspiration for the JC experience. See ya soon!

Sean said...

You know I read it but that is mainly because I make it in the quote of the day sometimes. I have a theory that you randomly mention people you know so that we check back to see if you made it in today...just kidding. Goodluck at Bay State bro, one year I got up and did it randomly and got second running the first half with Ted at 6min pace so I'm sure you'll be alone, although it looks like Casey might be showing up so that could be good.