Thursday, October 04, 2007

Step outside

7:35 AM - 10 miles, 1:07:30 - Crack Path 10.
Started slow and gradually picked it up to a steady clip. 40:50 for the first 6 miles, 26:40 for the last 4.4. Kitchen discomfort held steady at Level 4 throughout the entire run.

This morning's trip to my primary care physician proved to be as uninsightful as I imagined it might be. The verdict? No hernia. How about a sports hernia? He's never heard of such a thing. The solution? A referral to go see an orthopedist, who was conveniently able to squeeze me in 12 days from now on Tuesday the 16th at 2:30, and "will run the appropriate tests he deems necessary."

This is load of shit even a bull wouldn't produce. It's unacceptable. I'm no different than any other patient but I'm not waiting 12 days to get a flippin' answer either. In the meantime, I'll make some calls and see what I can accomplish outside the system.

Quote of the Day

"I've been able to start to believe again. Because I'm healthy, I'm able to do the workouts I need to. Because I do the workouts, I have the confidence I need to start to think the way I need to."
- Kara Goucher

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ryan said...

BE Aggressive
B - E Aggressive
and get seen before that.
Get Healthy.