Sunday, September 23, 2007

Random run-in

8:15 AM - 18 miles, 2:00:00 - Rail Trail.
1-minute pickup every 5th minute for the first hour, easy with Bill for about 30 minutes, last 30 minutes a hair under 6-minute pace. Good run, likely north of 18 but probably not by much.

It's funny who you'll happen to cross paths with - quite literally - in the middle of a two-hour run. About halfway through my weekend romp at the Rail Trail this morning I ran into old buddy Bill Gaudere, who oddly enough I had been trying to meet up with over the past few weeks to no avail, that is until our unintentional encounter earlier today. This chance meeting at the 55-minute mark of my long run forced me to alter my original plans somewhat, but I was more than happy to do so since Old Man Willy and I don't run into one another all that often these days. Our schedules conflict more than they used to, but then again, my current schedule seems to conflict with just about everyone's, so that's nothing new. Still, it was good to catch up with the guru who's had as much an influence on me as a runner and a person as anyone else I can think of. He's hooked me up with some pretty sweet retro t-shirts over the years too. And for the record, the old bastard can still crank it.

Quote of the Day

"You have to expect the unexpected on Trials day. You show up as fit as you can, and the rest is magic. This race has so much meaning for me, and that makes a big difference once the gun goes off. I would have hung them up if I didn't think I could run fast again another day."
- Trent Briney

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Sean said...

Glad to see you ran in to the legend...we need to go on a run with the old man when I'm home.