Thursday, September 20, 2007

Every hour counts

8:35 AM - 12 miles, 1:23:00 - Sterling Rail Trail.
6-mile loop, not once, but twice. 42:15/40:45 for each go around, keeping things under control the entire way. 6 x 10-second hill charges afterward.

Got a bit of a longer run in this morning since I didn't need to be in to work until noon, perhaps the biggest, if not only, advantage of keeping the store open an extra hour on Thursday nights. The combination of Sunday's workout/race and Tuesday night's hills and drills seem to have finally taken their toll on my legs, mostly my calves, and I really had no desire to pick things up this morning, not even a little bit. I was still able to get in some good mileage, however, and finished up the run with 6 short hill charges on a moderately steep grade. The whole goal with the hill charges is to work on my form and improve my basic power, two things I deem important but regretfully haven't paid much attention to the last few years. Ideally, I'll do one or two of these sessions a week after easy runs and I'm hoping that along with drills, the short hills will make me stronger, more efficient and less injury prone. Time will tell, but given my recent history, I figure they're worth giving a shot.

Quote of the Day

"Chess is like track and track is like life. In all of them, you have many choices, and depending on your choice, there will be consequences. So one must choose wisely."
- Khadevis Robinson

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