Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday moseying

8:50 AM - 6 miles, 44:15 - Hopedale.
The usual double loop of the pond with a planned interruption halfway through the second time around for 6 x 10-second hill charges. That's about it, there's really nothing exciting about running 7:20 pace on Monday morning.

6:40 PM - 5 miles, 35:00 - An Cu Liath.
First time back to the pub in a few weeks, had a good time as always. 21:35 for 3.5 miles, then an easy cooldown with new pal Ernesto Soto, the mad chemist from Guatemala. Didn't have to work all that hard for the win tonight, but man, Harrison Street is still one bitch of a hill.

Seeing how I have a date with a hill roughly 9 hours from now I'd best get my ass to bed soon, but before I go I'd like to announce that when my competitive running days come to a halt in 15 years or so I'm not gonna be that guy chasing around easy prize money on the master's circuit. Oh no, I'm gonna rise to the real challenge and try to win this spectacle instead. Just need to put on 60 pounds or so.

Quote of the Day
"...professional distance runner, a genotype for whom life is ruled by a hard, uncompromising routine of up early every day, out the door to run over the same well-traveled loops, his meals and bedtime repeating with a monotonous regularity."
- NYRR profile of Dathan Ritzenhein, describing the same script a lot of us non-professional distance runners are playing similar roles in.


Kerry said...

my elevation profile is better...

Casey Moulton said...

Nice running with you tonight. haha