Sunday, September 02, 2007

Great discovery

10:15 AM - 16 miles, 1:45:00 - Forest Park.
Comments: Hit up the out-n-back Leif Erikson trail in Portland, conveniently marked every 1/4 mile out to Mile 6. Net uphill on the way out, just the opposite on the way back. 2 x 2 miles @ ~6:00 pace at 40 and 60 minutes, last 5 solo in 5:19, 5:33, 5:12, 6:18 (recovery), 4:54. 5 x 10-second hill charges afterward.

This will be brief because I've got to get ready for the wedding soon, but if you ever happen to find yourself out this way, make sure you check out the Leif Erikson trail just off the end of Northwest Thurman Street in Portland. It's magical. I must've seen at least 75 people out running and another 25 or so ascending and descending the trail on their bikes. The beauty of it all is that the entire gravel road is marked, wonderfully shaded and has plenty of room for everyone. Definitely a Top-5'er.

Quote of the Day

"Kara showed that if you dream big and follow through, your dreams can come true."
- Steve Slattery on former Buff Kara Goucher's success. Not bad advice for the rest of us, either.

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Greg said...

Steve was either...
talking about someone else's wife
calling his wife the wrong name

or you just goofed, since his wife's name is Sara. Get your facts straight!

Seriously, sounds like a great place to run out there - I'm jealous.