Monday, September 10, 2007

Got shoes?

11:10 AM - 6 miles, 43:05 - Sterling Rail Trail.
Kept things short and slow as planned. 5 x 10-second hill charges afterward. The idea is to do these again on Thursday and keep them in the rotation twice a week after easy runs.

7:35 PM - 6 miles, 48:10 - Easton Y.
Pre-Owen's run with Bergs, Reino and Fran. 3 x 100-yard strides on the turf at Stonehill mid-run to stretch the legs out a bit. We successfully managed to navigate the Sheep Pasture trails in the dark but were unable to accomplish our goal of infiltrating the scene of this morning's house explosion. Still had a blast though.

Behold my fleet of footwear, currently fighting strong at 27 pair. This elite running unit draws from various brand backgrounds and represents an array of different sizes, shapes and colors. Some play a more prominent role on my feet than others, but like a youth basketball team, everyone will eventually see some playing time. Not all those pictured here can cut the mustard though, and this cohesive unit bound together by shoe goo doesn't rebuild, it simply reloads. Every 4 to 6 weeks new recruits hoping to replace old warriors must go through a rigorous training program that tests the very heart of their beefed-up midsoles. Those who can eclipse the magical 100-mile mark are among the fortunate few who have shown me they have what it takes to earn a spot on my feet for 300 to 500 miles. The ones that can't, well, these poorly constructed piles of EVA foam aren't totally neglected, just relegated to the menial, often boring, but equally important task of protecting my feet at low-impact times of the day.

Quote of the Day

"They did offer a laptop computer as the big prize for the raffle. No word on whether the hard drive had users' personal info on it.'
- New Balance Boston's Mark Mayall, winner of yesterday's 3.5-mile Road Race


corrado giambalvo said...

darn nice photos, Mario!

mpdriscoll said...

I wear 10.5 and Katie wears 8.5 (womens). In the next 4-6 weeks, instead of "reloading", why don't you send some love to your poor friends in Michigan. To be more specific... send two pairs of love.