Friday, September 07, 2007

Early night

7:20 AM - 10 miles, 1:09:50 - RockPak 10.
First 3 miles all north of 7-minute pace. Tired from the time I rolled out of bed, not too sure how I managed to pick things up as much as I apparently did. 10 x 20-second strides over the last 4 miles might have had something to do with it. Surprisingly, those didn't feel too bad.

It's 9:51 p.m., and I'm going to bed. Now.

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes, you're feeling like crap, you're out there and sometimes it's just the team and you know they're counting on you...and there's just something different about it, you know, about being a part of a team really and you know, contributing to it."
- Ohio State coach Robert Gary on being part of a cross country team

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