Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Make it quick!

7:30 AM - 8 miles, 57:10 - Rockland 8.
Easy does it on this crisp morning, the first one in a long while that warranted wearing a long sleeve t-shirt. Legs expectedly tired given the combination of mileage and intensity the last three days, but feeling pretty good on the whole.

This one will be quick - surprise, surprise - because it's getting late and I've yet to devote any part of my day to stretching and core work, two things I deem very important and two things I haven't been doing near enough of lately. Also, by getting taking care of these two essential exercises in a timely fashion, I can get my ass to bed at a reasonable hour, another area I've been failing miserably in of late. And let's face it, a slow distance run and a relatively uneventful day at work don't make for interesting blogging, but if and when they ever do I'll be the first to share, unless, that is, any of the names listed on the right side of this page beat me to it. Hasta maƱana hombres.

Quote of the Day

"I didn’t find myself saying 'God, these girls are the best in the world.' I was thinking to myself 'you are, too; you earned your spot here.'"
- Anna Willard on racing at the World Championships

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