Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Final draft

11:20 AM - 4 miles, 31:35 - Lake Park.
Lil joggy jog on the dirt to stretch the legs out a bit before tonight's workout. First 1/2 mile on the track a dead-on 4 minutes, last 1/2 in a spot-on 3:20. The three outer loops and a mile on the track works out to exactly 4.36 miles, but c'mon, who's counting?

6:30 PM - 12 miles - Heartbreak Hill.
8 x Bottom-to-Top with Ryan, Jeff, Fabian, Justin and new addition John Nieskens. Drill set beforehand on the grass, consisting of butt kicks, quick feet, backward running, karaoke and bounding. Workout went well, felt very strong throughout. Times ranged from 1:55 to start down to 1:48 for the last one. Solid group, this fall is gonna be exciting.

Quote of the Day

"Saw this and thought of you!!"
- E-mail this morning from good pal Melissa Kinney, regarding the above image. For the record, I've never once considered removing a non-essential body part in the hopes of cutting a few seconds off my 10K time. The removal of non-essential body hair, yes, but that's a whole different cartoon.

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K.Gwyth said...

"new addition John Nieskens"

This makes me very happy!

Miss you kids!

~Katie Gwyth