Thursday, September 27, 2007

The air that clears

8:30 AM - 13 miles, 1:30:00 - West Hill.
Canal path, two loops at West Hill and back. Added on a mile or so on the roads to finish up, including 6 x 20-second strides. Humidity sucked but otherwise no complaints.

For most people, working until 8 PM on a Thursday night probably wouldn't be considered desirable, but since it allowed me the luxury of two extra hours this morning -- just enough time to get my ass down to West Hill for a longer run on those blessed trails -- you won't find me complaining one bit.

I've had a couple long days at the store this week and a few hard runs on unforgiving pavement, so this morning's brief respite from it all was both welcome and necessary. There's something about romping around on the trails that's physically, and perhaps more so mentally, therapeutic for me. My legs certainly feel better, but so does my head. Maybe it's the fresh air and lack of car exhaust, but I'm able to think clearly and focus more effectively.

As I was trailblazing this morning, I began to think about short term goals, long term goals and how the two feed into one another. These flowing thoughts got me excited but helped keep everything in perspective as well. What I do today is no more or less important than what I did yesterday or will do tomorrow as long as it gets done. As Hodgie has told me 12,345 times, it's all money in the bank. Making consistent deposits is the key to longterm success.

This fall will be an exciting time. I'm looking forward to making a return to cross country and racing alongside my teammates at Mayor's Cup, New England's and Club Nationals. I'm looking forward to stringing together consistent weeks of training and building toward the future, using the next few months as a stepping stone to Boston in the spring, Chicago next fall and the Olympic Trials four years from now. Mostly, however, I'm looking forward to staying healthy, working toward my goals and enjoying the process of seeing just how good I can really be.

Quote of the Day

"So, in the end, I never raced or gained racing experience, I lost money and I lost fitness, but I gained incentive. I found a world I’m driven to be a part of. I’m now more determined then ever to get the absolute best out of myself before I hang up these shoes."
- Brendan O'Keefe on what he learned while spending the summer not racing in Europe.

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