Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I love the smell of hills in the morning

7:25 AM - 10 miles, 1:07:10 - Forest Park.
15:41 up, 12 hill circuits (0.46 miles) on Forest Park condo loop (33:34-5.52 miles), 17:53 down. Continuous run, hills were 1:02-1:04 in duration, recovery jog down the other side was 1:40-45. Good effort throughout, felt better as the workout progressed. Abbreviated drill set on the grass afterward.

7:15 PM - 4 miles, 30:15 - Westboro.
From the store with Casey after work. Ran the exact same loop in the exact same time we did two weeks ago. Yeah, we're that good.

I had a somewhat well thought out entry I was about to start typing away at before this guy gave me a call from the Left Coast and before I knew it 29 minutes and 22 seconds went by and everything just went to shit. Actually, nothing really went to shit except for my motivation to think and type, which is proving to be a small problem. No need to force things, however, I'll just get my ass to bed and try again tomorrow. Goodnight.

Quote of the Day

"Other guys may be more talented than me but if I ran my best when it counted I could make up for some of the difference. The key was to be totally confident when I toed the line. Confidence and lack of doubt goes a long way."
- Weldon Johnson

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