Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Cutting it close

Whew! Almost didn't get this one in here. Late (and busy) night here at work and a rather activity-filled day as well, for that matter. A few quick updates, then I'm heading home and getting some much-needed shuteye. Here goes...

- Last night's workout went pretty well. The assignment was 4 x 1200m w/3:30 recovery, 5 minutes recovery after the last 12, then 4 x 300m w/90 sec recovery. Mark, Brad and I teamed up for this one and agreed to switch leads every two laps, which worked out well for all parties involved. Kevin said to shoot for 71's and we were pretty much dead-on throughout, hitting splits of 3:33, 3:32, 3:32 and 3:30. Mark called it a night after the 12's so Brad and I decided to switch off on the 300's. I switched into my Vents for the speedy stuff and started off the anaerobic parade in 47 seconds before Brad disappeared off into nowhere - he has yet to be found. Just kidding. I jumped in with Ryan and Justin for the next three intervals and we motored around the masses, hitting 46, 46 and 47 to finish up a solid workout. I felt very strong and in control throughout which was good for the 'ol confidence. I'm looking forward to racing the 5K at BU on the 11th and seeing what I can do over 25 laps.

- Ran a 10/4 double today to get some mileage in without trashing my legs too much. No real soreness to speak of after last night's effort, though the inside of my right ankle - which has been a pain in my ass in the past - was feeling pretty sore this morning. Luckily it loosened up pretty well during my 10-spot this morning and didn't really give me any trouble at all on the four-banger. As a lil bit of an experiment, I wore my old Rat Racers this afternoon to allow my ankle complete flexibility and it seemed to work out just dandy. All you minimalist advocates should be proud.

- So it looks as if Millrose will be a no-go. As much as I was looking forward to going, it wasn't looking too promising as far as getting back on time for work on Saturday. Plus, we have one of our last key workouts on Friday night (2K, 2x1200m, 400m) and I really want to make sure I nail it.

- And the last NHL game just came over the wire, my page is updated, and my ass is finally heading home. Top-10 list will return tomorrow. G'night all.

Quote of the day:

I do train really hard. I think I train a lot more than some people and if I had to be hurt every year and have a few glimpses of glory I would rather do that than do it halfway and be mediocre.
- Dathan Ritzenhein

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