Monday, February 13, 2006

Flying tires, the immortal Biggie Smalls and the first true sign of Spring

Feeling a bit scatterbrained this evening, so I'm just gonna generate a random list and comment on a few different things. Enjoy.

1. Crazy story of the day, courtesy of my dad. As he was driving home from work this afternoon and about to head under the I-290 overpass, a car tire - complete with rim - comes crashing through the passenger's side of his windshield, shattering it and spreading glass everywhere. Thankfully, he wasn't hurt and luckily no one was sitting in the seat next to him. That sucker came off a car traveling 45 feet above him on the highway. The driver of that car ended up crashing but came out of it OK, according to police. Crazy indeed.

2. As I was driving to my aunt's house tonight, I heard yet another "new" Biggie Smalls tune on the radio, which in itself threw me for a bit of a loop, and was made even more fascinating by the fact that he was collaborating with none other than Mr. Country Grammar himself, Nelly. Surprisngly enough, this wasn't the first such occurence of this nature. He's done similar gigs with P. Diddy, Tupac and Eminem, among others since he supposedly died in 1997. Are you shitting me? The guy's been dead for almost nine years now, yet he still finds the time to collaborate with other artists AND come up with new hits worthy of radio play. Incredible! I'm gonna have my peeps call his homies, I think.

3. After 17+ inches of snow yesterday, the first true images of Spring popped up on my TV screen today, that being Red Sox personnel loading up the equipment truck headed for Spring Training in Fort Meyers this coming weekend. Saturday, in fact, will mark the fulfillment of the four words I've been waiting all winter to hear: pitchers and catchers report.

4. Dick Cheney "accidently" shot one of his buddies in Texas over the weekend while hunting. Not only a bonehead move in itself, but he broke a law in the process by failing to purchase a hunting stamp. In response to reporters' inquiries, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan said of the situation, "I think you can always look back at these issues and look at how to do a better job." Pretty much sums up the whole Bush administration to this point, wouldn't ya say?

5. Today's running report: 10:30 AM - 77 minutes solo from home, 11.5 miles according to G-Maps. I felt kinda flat, which was somewhat expected given the day off yesterday. My ankle was still a bit sore, but functioning nonetheless. 5 PM - 4.5 mile shakeout in just over 32 minutes this afternoon. Wore my old Supernovas and oddly enough my ankle felt a lot better - maybe I'm on to something there. Overall, a good day of running some fairly easy mileage. We're back on the track tomorrow night and I should be ready to go by then. Hopefully the 'ol ankle shares the same sentiments.

Time for bed, so that's gonna do it for now. G'night all.

Quote of the day:

They came through in 20.08 - that's just stupid fast.
- Tyson Invite men's 400m-winner Bershawn Johnson, on the first half of his race

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Alison said...

Wow, I'm glad your dad is okay. I don't know whether that's good luck (having it go through the passenger's side) or bad luck (having it happen at all).