Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Saturday, in sequence

Not much going on today. Slept pretty well last night, rolled out of bed just after 10 this morning, felt that nagging tightness in my Achilles yet again, decided running wouldn't be in my best interest and met my buddy Tim for brunch at the 'ol Coffee Mug in A-town. Followed that series of events up with a little reading and some college hoops on TV before heading into work this afternoon at 3:30. Now, after an uncharacteristically slow Saturday in the local sports world, it's finally time to go home.

Hopefully, the Achilles continues progressing and I'm able to ease back into running a little bit tomorrow. Stay tuned for updates.

A quick shoutout to loyal blog reader Mark Driscoll and his 4:13 mile in Friday night's unseeded section of the mile at the New England Championships. Also, Stonehill senior stud Erin Smith rocked out in the women's 5K with a 17:22, a PR I believe. Rock on!

And that's gonna do it for tonight, hopefully better stuff to some tomorrow. Night all.

Quote of the day:

Coming into this race I felt terrible. It feels good to feel bad and win.
-Adam Goucher, U.S. indoor 3,000-meter champion

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